Have you ever thought about mixing a completely different components? Do you know what would it look like? It would look like me, I bet!

Oh, hello there! My name's Lina and I'm a 21 years old sociology student from Lviv, Ukraine. Even though, my country would be happy to see me as a scientist ( at least, I hope so ), I could't kill my creative personality and so, started to write my own blog and draw weird pictures in the times of over thinking. That's right, I overthink a lot! Some people tell me that it could be called as a gift from God, but I don't think that God is that evil to call such a murdering thing "gift".

As a sociology student, and a young Ukrainian scientist-to-be I promote the ideas of social inclusion, especially inclusive education. I am convinced it is one of the ways to improve the world, by improving and participating in one's life as a community.

I am interested in modern art and literature. I wish I had more time for reading. Our world is full of beautiful stories, some of which are written down in books, so they can be saved forever. Also, I try to learn more about different religions, traditions, cultures and secret societies, new world order. I know, this stuff suits men more, but what if I'm just kind of special?

Since there is too much information collected in my head and not much space left - I have decided to share the world I see here, on my personal blog. Even though I call it "personal" it is always opened for you.

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